Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Gug-Shabeth Even Uglier in Colour

In a dramatic break from tradition, I'm showing off a cover to a magazine that I'm not actually in.  The reason?  That weird guy on the cover is Gug-Shabeth, monstrous hero and titular lackey of my tale Caretaker in the Garden of Dreams.  I know this because the illustration appeared in smaller, black and white form to accompany Caretaker in the previous issue.

It's fantastic to see the artwork done full justice like this, and also I can't help thinking that it's nice for poor Gug-Shabeth, who definitely gets the less savoury end of the stick as protagonists go.  Much thanks to the artist, whoever they may be (I can't seem to find a credit anywhere.)

Both the current issue, #10, and issue #9 with my story as editor's choice and a wealth of other disturbing goodness, can be purchased from Amazon and the Necrotic Tissue website.

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