Monday, 19 April 2010

Funland: Week Six

Wow, is it really week six?  According to the original plan, the revised plan and the revised revised plan, that means I should be past the half way point.  And I am!  Things have gone considerably better than expected at the end of last week, and early yesterday afternoon I broke 55'000 words.  Considering that I lost a couple of days to my interview, (now rescheduled for tomorrow), that puts me about where I should be.  Plus, I have most of part five - though oddly, not part four - planned out.  And I've written some stuff that I don't want to take out back and shoot.  In short, things are reasonably back on track.  If I can hit 60'000 and get part four planned for the end of next week then I'll be a happy bunny.

If I hadn't managed to get things rolling on my own, I think discovering Justin Lee Musk's fanastic blog might well have done it. Justin offers a few timely reminders of why temporarily giving up the day job to write may not have been the stupidest, craziest thing I've ever done, however much it may feel like it on the tough days - and also plenty of much-needed practical advice.

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