Sunday, 4 April 2010

Funland: Week Four

I think this past week has been the one I've enjoyed most, and also the one I've worked hardest in.  I was determined to get the weekend off and I had a friend visiting on the Friday afternoon, so in the end I just got my head down and plowed on through.  I finished Friday at just under 2400 words in about five and a half hours, a personal record by quite a considerable margin.

I seem to be dealing better with the problems that have been tripping me up for the first couple of weeks, where I couldn't get my head around how a scene began or where it was going and ended up noodling about on Wikipedia instead of forcing myself to think it through.  Now I just go work on something else and let my hindbrain mull it over - even if I don't know how that goes either it still seems to help.  That said, by Thursday I had so many scenes on the go that I had to get it all mapped out on paper just to make sure I didn't leave anything unfinished!

Sad to say, week four may have been the peak of the project.  I've written all the stuff that I had well planned out, I have an interview scheduled for the week after next and generally need to start thinking seriously about getting back into regular work ...  all in all, I suspect reality is going to start intruding more and more into this odd little interlude.

Anyway, this time next week I should be just past the half way point, which is pretty awesome considering that it feels like I've barely started...

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