Sunday, 4 April 2010

Feeler Returns in Shelter of Daylight

My story Feeler, which appeared late last year in the final issue of Ballista magazine, is reprinted this month in issue three of small press powerhouse Sam Dot Publishing's newest magazine / anthology title Shelter of Daylight.

Since I haven't seen a copy, and since I've already plugged Feeler, there's not a lot I can add to that.  It's certainly another fantastic cover, something that I always seem to get lucky on. 

One thing I've found myself wondering about, though: how on earth does she fit into those trousers?  At first I thought there was some sort of intergalactic flirtation going on, but now I'm convinced that he's actually supporting her because she's cut off the circulation to her ankles.  Of course, since it's the future it's perfectly possible that they're spray-on or perhaps some kind of symbiotic lifeform.  Or maybe she's an alien and those are actually her legs.  The possibilities are virtually endless.

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