Saturday, 2 March 2019

Level One Free This Weekend

If for whatever reason you're not already on board with my ongoing fantasy series The Black River Chronicles then a) why the heck not and b) it happens to be your lucky day, or rather your lucky weekend, because for the next two days the e-book of the first volume, Level One, is completely free on Amazon.  And it's a great time to begin catching up, what with The Ursvaal Exchange already out and Eye of the Observer coming awfully soon and the grand finale ... well, about a year off, all told, and still waiting to be written, but it's going to be one big, crazy adventure, I promise.

Anyway, if you're in doubt, here's what you'll be getting - for free, mind you! - if you decide to dip a toe into Black River...

Three months into his studies at the Black River Academy of Swordcraft and Spellcraft, Durren Flintrand is shocked by the news that from now on he'll be assigned to a party, and that his only hope of progressing beyond the lowly rank of level one is to succeed with his new companions. However, Durren has a secret that may make that impossible, and his three partners have problems of their own. Wizard Areinelimus is terrified of her own magic. Rogue Tia has no patience at all with others. And warrior Hule is just an idiot. In fact, when a disembodied, floating eyeball is your most competent party member, you know you have serious problems.

To stand a chance of succeeding, they need to work together, and that means learning to tolerate each other, while surviving a world of angry rat people, murderous sorcerers and homicidal unicorns. But even if they can somehow find a way to get along, dark and ancient forces are stirring, ones no level one students should ever have to confront...

And hey, while you're downloading your free copy of The Black River Chronicles: Level One, why not grab Saurians by Tim Manley, Wolf Creek by Nikko Lee, and The Sword to Unite by Peter J. Hopkins?  Because they're all in this week's Digital Fiction giveaway too.  You can find the links to the US versions of the books all together here, and if you happen to not be in America, rest assured that all four are free on your local site too.  So why not go grab 'em, eh?  It would be daft not to.

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