Thursday, 28 March 2019

Black River Updates

Yes, updates plural!  It seems funny to have news on not one but two Black River books, but that's the situation we're in, and it's rather a nice position to be in.  Not only am I prepping the third book, Eye of the Observer, for publication as we speak*, I'm knee deep in the first draft of the as yet to be (officially!) titled fourth.  Actually, to be precise, I'm exactly at the halfway mark, assuming my chapter plan continues to survive contact with the enemy, as they do say no chapter plan does.  Though in this case, I guess we ought to make that contact with my own inability to gauge what I can reasonably cram into five or six thousand words!  It's one of those things you get steadily better at judging, but I doubt it's ever going to become an exact science.  At any rate, it's safe to say that book four will exist in some sort of a completed form by around the end of April.  Of course, that's only really the beginning of a long, long process, but getting the first draft done is one of the more satisfying deadlines along the way, and a good indication of what lies ahead, so there's that.

But probably if you're reading this you're more interested in where things are at with book three, what with that being the next in the series and all.  And the answer is, very close indeed!  Which is to say, the copy edit's done, effectively meaning that the book is finished, and I reckon we'll be revealing the cover any day now - I've seen an eighty percent done version and, yeah, Kim's knocked it clean out of the park again - and we've got an introduction ready from someone I'm awfully proud to be associated with. All told, the last pieces are slotting neatly into place.

So I guess the real news is, expect more news very soon.  And indeed, expect The Black River Chronicles: Eye of the Observer very soon.  We don't exactly have a release date set yet, but it's certainly narrowing down, and I'd be awfully surprised if the book's not out to buy before the end of May.

* Okay, not literally.

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