Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Finally Making Some Sense of These Nineties Anime Reviews

I swear that when I started reviewing vintage anime here on the blog, the intention wasn't for it to drag on to over forty-five posts, with no sign of stopping, let alone for it to take over as much as it has.  What can I say?  It's become a subject dear to my heart, and it's fun to write about, and frankly it's entirely slipped out of my control and taken on a life of its own.

I'd love to declare that I'm going to pack it all in, but I'm really not - there's still so much good nineties anime waiting to be hunted down and reviewed, I know it in my bones!  However, I have been realising that it was time to make some sensible changes.  My biggest misstep, other than starting this nonsense in the first place, was the way I've been keeping track of the posts: basically, adding a new one meant updating all of the previous ones, currently at forty-six and counting.  That's an awful lot of pointless work.

So I've finally got around to something I've been planning for a good long while now, which is coming up with a proper index.  Only, I can't work out how to do that in a way that covered all bases, so what we get instead is three indexes: you can now find any of the reviews I've written by date, title or score, should you happen to want to.

Yes, score!  There are scores now!  And that was an interesting exercise in itself.  Some came easily, others less so, and I found myself forced to admit that a lot of stuff I'd thoroughly enjoyed probably wasn't, by any objective standards, actually that good.  I mean, it broke my heart to give Battle Skipper a mere four out of ten, and it's all the harder for knowing that that's probably still over-rating it.  And what the heck grade do you give something like Adventure Duo, which is certainly terrible and entertained me more than many a cinematic classic?

Speaking of which, it's noteworthy that I can now say for sure just what utter masterpieces I've managed to unearth.  At first glance, the results are a bit dispiriting: only two titles get a full, flawless ten out of ten, and a mere five warrant nine out of ten.  Dip a little below that, though, and things pick up considerably: there are a ton of eights and sevens, and some absolutely wonderful stuff  in there.  In fact, let's face it, you really have to get down to the two or threes out of ten to find titles I actively didn't enjoy.  Oh, and I also now know that the highest scoring post on average was number eighteen, while funnily enough was immediately followed by the nadir of nineteen, and two of the three one out of ten marks I've awarded together in one place.  Frankly, the thought that there was a week where I suffered through both Psychic Wars and Golgo 13: Queen Bee makes me want to invent time travel just so I can go back and give myself a hug.

At any rate, should you fancy skimming through the great heap of these reviews I've somehow piled up - or just finding out what's actually worth the effort of tracking down - there are now three ways you can do so, and here are the links:

Drowning in Nineties Anime Reviews: By Date

Drowning in Nineties Anime Reviews: By Title

Drowning in Nineties Anime Reviews: By Rating

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