Sunday, 17 February 2013

Endangered Weapon B: The First Interview

I'm not sure it's entirely sunk in yet that Endangered Weapon B, the first ever full length comic book I've written, has somehow ended up being in Free Comic Book Day, huge, exciting international event that it is - but recently, a few things have been happening that have made it start to feel a little more real.

One of those was when I discovered that the FCBD team had started following me on Twitter (!) and another was doing my first interview, also for the official site.  Between the introduction by the FCBD gang themselves and my own, shall we say in depth (as opposed to blithering and long winded) replies, I think this gives a fairly good sense of what the world is in store for come May 4th.  That is, unrestrained preposterousness, dubious morality and nature's bountiful offspring beating seven shades of stuffing out of each other in glorious cartoon technicolor.

Only 76 more days to go!

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