Sunday, 10 February 2013

2013 Schedule

It occurs to me that I'm actually attending enough Cons this year, and likely to be doing enough panels and whatnot at each one, to warrant the effort of posting a schedule.  So here it is!  If I don't get distracted in the next ten minutes or so, I'll put this up on my website as well, and hopefully even keep it updated as and when things develop.
  •  Eastercon - Bradford - 29th March - 1st April
There are a few other events I hope to get to this year - I'm determined to make the Leeds Thought Bubble comics convention, after three years of near misses, fand I'm sure I'll try and see a bit of the Morley Literature Festival since it's all of one train stop away from my house - but the above are the ones I'm already booked in for.


  1. You got any friends who want Sci-fi weekender passes (no accomodation) for free, get in touch toute-suite. I won six, and can't use them!

  2. Thanks Liam, if I can think of anyone I'll send them your way.