Saturday, 21 May 2011

Endangered Weapon Very, Very Slowly Taking Over the World

A little under a month ago, me and Bob Molesworth put the first (or as I now insist on calling it for some damn reason, the zero) issue of our comic book series Endangered Weapon B up on Myebook, where anyone who so desired could read it for absolutely free.

Asides from me mentioning it here and both of us plugging it on Facebook, it went out there with not a lot of fanfare.  I remember jokingly saying to Bob that it would be great if we got a thousand people to read it - jokingly, because with so little hype, I kind of figured it would just sit there doing not a lot of anything. I mean, how lucky would we have to be for people to find it for themselves, or tell their mates about it or whatever?  What are the chances of that stuff happening?

Well, according to the stats on Myebook, we left the one thousand views mark behind a couple of days ago.  Since it doesn't just track page hits, that means we've actually had a thousand readers.  Or a hundred people have read it ten times.  Or one really, really obsessed person has read it a thousand times.  Hey, any of those works for me.

It's good timing, all told.  The script for issue one's finally finished, and Bob's already started working on it.  I've already seen the first three pages, and frankly, they kick skinny grey dolphin ass.  It's already obvious that issue zero, damnably purty as it was, was just Bob warming up.  We're also firmly in the middle of putting together a pitch pack to see if we can't get a publisher interested in this wacky monstrosity. I genuinely believe that, if we can once get it into comic shops, we stand a real chance of damaging a whole generation of today's youth.  If we get them young and impressionable enough, they might even think this is real history.  Maybe somewhere out there, little Johnny is already working on his essay about how dolphins nearly turned the tide of World War 2!

Now ... is ten zillion readers an unrealistic target?

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