Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Spotlit at Lightspeed

It's been a fair few weeks since I've posted anything here, mainly because not a damn thing has happened that's been good enough - or resoundingly bad enough - to be worth mentioning.  That only makes me that bit more grateful to Lightspeed Magazine for giving me something to talk about - and even making it a pleasant something.

I now have a definite month for Jenny's Sick appearing in Lightspeed, December this year, but that's not the news; the news is that I also get to be the spotlighted author for that issue.  And what that means is that I get to answer a load of really, really difficult (but also really considered and interesting) questions about my story, and both the questions and my rambling answers will appear in Lightspeed for the world to try and make sense of.

What the team at Lightspeed don't know is that I never have the faintest idea of why anything happens in my stories!  Unfortunately for me, I'm guessing that answers like "I only write this stuff" or "the moon was in the forth quarter and I'd eaten too much peanut butter that day" probably won't cut the proverbial mustard.  So I should probably stop posting about it and start coming up with some vaguely coherent answers!

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