Monday, 2 August 2010

Funland (Finally!) Finished

There could have easily been another F-word in that title, because it was a heck of a travail towards the end, but as of a week last Wednesday the first draft of the novel so far known as Funland is in the can.  Not only that, but I'm fairly happy with the final part, which isn't something I really expected to be saying.

So what now?  Now I have a bit of a break, or the closest thing I'm ever likely to allow myself where writing is concerned.  My current plan is to leave the second draft of Funland until the start of next year, and concentrate in the meantime on writing new short fiction, editing the remainder of my steadily shrinking back-catalogue ready for submission, and trying to find a loving home for novel numero uno.  And if all of that doesn't sound amazingly relaxing then you probably haven't spent most of the year slaving over a difficult second novel!

I've already finished one short story (intended for Rogue Blades Entertainment's forthcoming Assassin-themed anthology) and I'm about to start another, so if anyone would be interested in sending me their work for proof-reading and would be willing to do the same in return then now is the time to get in touch.

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