Friday, 12 February 2010

Jenny's Sick at Lightspeed

It's always nice when these blog post titles make a degree of sense.  It seems perfectly likely that Jenny (whoever she might be) would get a little green around the gills if she was travelling at the speed of light.  And, by coincidence, I've just sold my story Jenny's Sick to new pro-rate market Lightspeed.

It would be hard to exagerate just how awesome this news is.  To give an idea, though, a few facts: when it launches in June of this year, Lightspeed will be the sisterzine of the established and hugely respected Fantasy Magazine.  It's editors are no less than Writers of the Future winner Andrea Kail and best-selling anthologist John Joseph Adams.  Yeah, that John Joseph Adams - the one who accepted my Stockholm Syndrome for his zombie anthology, which went on to become The Living Dead, which went on even further to sell shocking amounts of copies, be a finalist for the World Fantast Award, be named one of the best books of the year by Publisher's Weekly, and to generally kick ass. 

I think John - who, by the way, is one of the downright nicest and most positive editors I've worked with - may possibly be my patron saint or something.  He's certainly done my bank balance huge favours.  I could sing his praises all day, and I could sure as hell go on about how excited I am to be appearing in Lightspeed, but I've run out of fizzy wine so here instead is Lightspeed's press release, saying everything I'd want to say in a much calmer fashion.

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