Sunday, 28 February 2010

Full-Time, (if Only Briefly...)

That other bit of news I alluded to in my last post was that - as per the title, and for a little while at least - I am now a full time writer.  My last work contract has expired, I don't have another one lined up just yet, so I'm taking the opportunity to concentrate on putting together my second novel.  With a bit of luck I'll have a couple of months of focused writing time before I drift back into the heady world of IT.  I have it pretty well planned out, so if I can get down 10'000 words a week then it should be just about doable. 

Anyway, before I do anything I'm finishing up some work-related training and then having a (believe me!) well-earned rest for a couple of days.  Since this is all a bit experimental and I have no idea if I can reliably write upwards of 2000 words a day, I'll likely keep posting in the interests of science and medical research...

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