Sunday, 3 February 2019

Back in Black (River)

First the good news: the third novel in the Black River Chronicles series, Eye of the Observer, is about to head off for copy-editing, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have a cover to show off in the near future.  The release date isn't set yet, but I don't think it's going to be too far off.  Maybe start saving your pennies for the end of spring, early summer at the latest?  As I've mentioned elsewhere, there have been some delays along the way, but they're all sorted now, the wheels are turning, and I'm so, so pleased with how this one worked out.  In many ways, it feels like a book I've been itching to write for an age; the basic concept has been nagging at me for a long, long time.  And it gave me an opportunity to push four characters I really do care about harder than I ever have before.  Because that's how you show you care about your characters, right?  By putting them through the worst sort of torments you can come up with?

(Okay, yeah, it's probably a good thing I chose to write fiction instead of having kids.)

Second, the other good news: I just now returned the signed contracts for the fourth and final book in the series.  Yes, final ... this one's going to wrap up the story Mike and I began way back at the end of 2015, and I promise you, it's going to be all sorts of epic.  We're going to be leaving Durren, Tia, Arein, and Hule - and let's not forget Pootle, given what a major player he is in book 3! - a heck of a distance from where we met them way back in Level One.  As you'll see in Eye of the Observer, graduating is rapidly becoming the least of their worries, and there's no guarantee that everyone's going to reach the end in one piece, or even in roughly the same shape.  In fact, after the events of that third book, there's not much guarantee of anything!

Thirdly, the other other good news: if all goes to plan, Eye of the Observer won't be the only book I have out from Digital Fiction Publishing this year.  That's all somewhat up in the air at the moment, but there's a meaningful chance that a few long-gestating projects will see the light of day before 2019 is out.  Any one of them will be exciting; if we somehow pull off the lot then that's going to be pretty damn amazing.

But in the immediate future, it's all about the Black River Chronicles, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I'm thrilled at the notion of finally cracking into the last book, and I'm equally thrilled at the prospect of putting book three together once and for all and having my words behind another cover by the astonishing Kim Van Deun and getting this things into the hands of those folks who've been good enough to follow us this far.

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