Friday, 25 May 2018

The Bad Neighbour Available to Pre-Order

September seems like a long way off, but it really isn't, is it?  In fact, in about four months' time my sixth novel - and my crime debut - The Bad Neighbour will be out to buy as part of Flame Tree Press's exciting opening line-up, which also features a whole host of impressive fantasy, SF, and horror names, including Tim Waggoner, Ramsey Campbell, and John Everson.

Fortunately, Flame Tree are a bit more aware of the calendar than I am, as I recently discovered via Michael Wills, my editor over at Digital Fiction Publishing.  Probably that's not how these things are meant to work, but hey, the important point is that The Bad Neighbour is available for pre-order in a whole host of exciting places.

I will, of course, be going into greatly more detail on the book the closer we get to the release date, and about why I think it's great and you really ought to read it, but for the moment, here's the blurb:

When part-time teacher Ollie Clay panic-buys a rundown house in the outskirts of Leeds, he soon recognises his mistake. His new neighbour, Chas Walker, is an antisocial thug, and Ollie's suspicions raise links to a local hate group. With Ollie's life unravelling rapidly, he feels his choices dwindling: his situation is intolerable and only standing up to Chas can change it. But Ollie has his own history of violence, and increasingly, his own secrets to hide; and Chas may be more than the mindless yob he appears to be. As their conflict spills over into the wider world, Ollie will come to learn that there are worse problems in life than one bad neighbour.

Needless to say, pre-orders are a huge deal in publishing, and it will do the book no end of good to get a few - so if you're planning to grab a copy then now would be a terrific time to do so.  You can find The Bad Neighbour on Amazon UK and Amazon US, at Waterstones, and very likely at any other online bookseller of your choice as well.

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