Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My FantasyCon 2015 Schedule

FantasyCon 2015 is less than two days away.  How did this happen?  I'm looking at you, the linear progression of time!  And I'm scowling in a fashion that should make you deeply ashamed of your behaviour.  Anyway, needless to say, I'm wholly unprepared - largely due to the necessity of having to work like a nutter for the last two weeks to buy myself a whole two days in a row off, which weirdly becomes a lot more complicated when you're setting your own schedule.

But now it's time to get my act together!  Which means a lot of planning, a bit of printing off, a dash of stapling, (apparently I own a stapler!) and also writing this here blog post telling anyone who might curious what it is I'm going to be doing.  Which, as it turns out, wouldn't have taken that long at all if I'd just got on with it.  After all, I'm on precisely one panel - which is more than enough because I'm moderating the thing.  It is...
Sat 24 Oct 11.00 am  Is It Legit? Crime in Fantasy, Horror and SF
Room:  Conference Theatre
Crime has proved fertile ground for fantasy writers and vice versa and the evidence of increasing crossover into the crime-scene is more than circumstantial. Our identity parade of suspects considers some of the issues around depicting crime, criminals and the law in genre fiction.
And my interrogatees - um, fellow panelists - are Alexandra Benedict, Debbie Bennett, Matthew Blakstad, Guy Haley, and a certain Guest of Honour whom you might have heard of, the prodigious Mr John Connolly.  So no pressure there not to ask ridiculous questions then.

Also, I have a reading slot booked, on the Saturday, at 7.40 pm.  Since it's literally inconceivable that anyone could have anything better to do at a conference at twenty to eight on a Saturday night, I shall expect droves on people; in fact, probably best to turn up at least fifteen minutes early.  And as a little added incentive, I'm planning to read the strangest story I've ever written.  I mean, it's really strange.  Even by my standards.

You should totally come.


  1. Going to at least tease with a title for the story?

  2. Sure, why not? It's called Team Invasion.

  3. It IS more complicated. Having your own schedule means going out of the house -- out of neighborhood that is, and some days just off your street -- mucks things up.

    Which is why those not self-employed have no idea how easy it is to lose our time. Work chores, life chores, household chores... things take time.

    I just did a handful of queries, and a bunch of time researching those publishers, but didn't get any of my letters written. [Insurance stuff, whee.] Did banking and tax prep but not email replies. Etc.

    "This is what is known as the glamour of the writer's life" as Steven Brust once blogged (which I probably paraphrased...). And the editor's.