Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My FantasyCon 2014 Schedule, Such As It Is

I'm not doing a great deal of official stuff at Fantasycon this year, but then not a great deal is still more than I've been invited to do for the last couple of years, so gift horses and dental inspection and all that.  Anyway, I'm on precisely the one panel and it is:

12.00 Noon, Saturday 6th – Gentleman Thieves, Loveable Pirates and Sexy Tricksters*

Gentlemen Thieves, Loveable Pirates and Sexy Tricksters. Why are untrustworthy characters and criminals among SFF’s most beloved characters?  Does sympathy for the underdog shade into idealizing predators?

James Barclay (m), Joanne Harris, Kim Lakin-Smith, Frances Hardinge, Libby McGuigan, David Tallerman

Which if there was ever a panel topic that was written for me then it's that one right there.

Besides that I have no idea what I'll be doing, which is quite exciting, thinking about it.  At any rate I'll be about for the entire Convention, what with it being pretty much on my doorstep.  And I'll certainly be staying for the BFS Awards on Sunday afternoon, since I was one of the judges for the Best Short Story award, and having never been an awards judge before it stands to reason that I've never been to an awards ceremony where I was one of the judges either.

Beyond that, it looks like a pretty interesting program this year, so I'll do my best to avoid my usual practice of spending the entire weekend hanging around in the bar.  But hey, no promises...

* The last time I looked at the program that lost one was down as 'sex tricksters', which is a whole 'nother thing altogether.  Since I really don't want to be on a panel talking about loveable pirates and sex tricksters, I'm choosing to assume it was a typo.

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