Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Nine Worlds Schedule 2014

So you're going to be at Nine Worlds this weekend, right?  Of course you are.  If it's anything like last year's debut, it promises to be the Convention event of the year.  And even if it isn't it should be pretty great, what with more programming than approximately eleven normal conventions.

Unusually for me, I'm pretty much going along for the whole thing, from Friday lunchtime onwards.  Below is my panel schedule.  I'm also moderating that first panel on the Friday evening, which threatens to be something of a graveyard shift slot, so if you happen to find yourself with nothing else to do then please do turn up to give your support and ask some transmedia-related questions:
  • FRIDAY 8th AUGUST, 6.45pm - 8.00pm 
    • Writing Transmedia: ideas that cross formats and boundaries.  Because a story can also be an app, computer game, v-log, fanvid, web series, docu-drama, interactive e-book, diary comic, inter-sensory experience or any other format currently existing or yet to exist not listed here. Kind of against the spirit of the thing, if you ask us. Guess you'll just have to go to it in person.  With, Barry Nugent, Anna Caltabiano, Simon Guerrier, Adam Christopher 
  •  SATURDAY 9th AUGUST, 6.45pm - 8.00pm
    • Blurred Lines: boycotting & buying in.   What's a fan to do when the people responsible for a comic you love do things you hate? We try to plumb the ethical minefield of purchase-as-support.  With, Dan Hart, Melissa T, Alasdair Stuart, Hazel Robinson
  • SUNDAY 10th AUGUST 3.15pm - 4.30pm
    • More-Than-Mild Peril: beyond sidekicks.  Young adults and children in comics: from fridges to firefights, legacy, parents and representation.  With, Louie Stowell, Kate McAlpine, Emma Vieceli, Malin Ryden, Melissa T, Heather Wickson, David Tallerman, Nat Wilkinson, Charlotte Geater

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