Thursday, 10 July 2014

Help Someone Nice Go Somewhere Horrible

I've met many nice people in this industry since I became a published writer, and many very capable people, but high on either list would be Anne Zanoni, who as anyone who knows her even slightly will attest is both a lovely human being and a highly accomplished Copy Editor, with an understanding of and devotion to her craft that would do credit to anyone in any profession.  I know this at first hand because Anne did the copy edit on Crown Thief, which is notable amongst the three Easie Damasco books for being the only one where horses behave even vaguely like real horses, objects and people act remotely in accordance with the laws of physics and the geography actually makes a degree of sense.  (Actually I tell a lie, these things are largely true of Prince Thief as well, but only because I thought Anne would be copy editing that one too and was scared she'd tell me off.)

Get up close to the screen and you can actually feel the misery.
My point, lest I start to wander more than I already have, is that Anne is good people.  And she's not been having an easy time of it lately, for various reasons, and right now she has something she really, really would like to do - that being attending the 2014 Worldcon in London.  However, being as freelance Copy Editors are paid about as well as everyone else in this industry, she doesn't have anything like the funds to make that dream a reality.  For this reason she's set up an Indiegogo campaign to try and scrape together the requisite cash.

You can find Anne's campaign page here and her rather more coherent explanation of the whole thing here.  Please take a look and then consider throwing a few quid Anne's way.  Because all else aside, she has some funny ideas about London, and we should all help her to see it for the seamy, noisy, overcrowded hellhole it is.

(Sorry, London.)

Oh, point of trivia: that photo on Anne's Indiegogo page, I took that on my last day of regular work.  Man, I don't miss that city even one little bit.

(Sorry again London.)

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