Tuesday, 6 August 2013

It's Not a Popularity Contest...

...But if it was, Giant Thief would at least be somewhere in the running.  Because there it is, proudly occupying one corner of the "Popular Reads" table in Waterstones Covent Garden.

I got a tip-off from the prodigious Mr Lavie Tidhar that it was there last week, but it was a few days before I could investigate for myself.  When I finally did, though, sure enough, there it was: Giant Thief on display and being recommended, surrounded by some astonishingly fine Fantasy fiction.

A better photographer would have managed to get the "Popular Reads" sign actually in the shot, since you're now having to take it on trust that this isn't the "books that are so unpopular we're giving them away for free" table.  And a better photographer would probably have emphasized the fact that Giant Thief was sitting directly under Good Omens, which was possibly my favourite book as a teenager.  But then, said better photographer would have been organized enough not to rush in carrying two bags and a suitcase, on their way to catching the train home to Leeds ... so all things considered, I think I did okay to at least make sure that the title was readable.  And I surely deserve bonus points for signing all of their stock* and having a brief but pleasant chat with the nearest shop assistant about Good Omens (she didn't understand what the fuss was about) and still managing to catch my train with whole minutes to spare.

* I mean, all of it that I wrote, obviously.**
** Well, and a couple dozen copies of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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