Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Living Dead Lives On

John Joseph Adams's anthology The Living Dead was beyond a doubt my first taste of being a professional writer.  In fact, it possibly set the bar a little high for what was to follow.  What could be more of a dream come true for a novice writer to see their story nestled between tales by Clive Barker and Joe Hill and in the same TOC as Stephen King and George R R Martin, or to be in a book that would go on to be so hugely successful, critically acclaimed and award nominated, and arguably end up being the definitive compilation for an entire sub genre?

I'd been wondering what was to come of The Living Dead after original publisher Night Shade's much-publicized troubles, so it was welcome news when John got in touch to let me know that it would be shambling on under the auspices of Orbit, in UK e-book edition at least, and with a striking new cover to boot.

If you have the faintest interest in zombie fiction or good horror stories in general, The Living Dead is definitely one of the best anthologies I've read, let alone been in.  You can find the new edition here on Amazon, and here's a post on the Orbit site where some of the contributors - myself included - say a little about where these stories came from.

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  1. Wow, great news this will continue!