Friday, 16 November 2012

Reading in Sheffield Tomorrow

In Sheffield tomorrow?  Like libraries and books and people reading books in libraries?  Why not come along to Sheffield library at one o'clock in the PM and listen to me, Anne "Alchemist of Souls" Lyle, Mike "Courts of the Feyre" Shevdon and Gav "Crown of the Blood" Thorpe read from our respective novels and then try to answer lots of really difficult questions?  There'll also be a panel with Lee and Darren from Angry Robot and those of us authors still capable of stringing words together on how to break into publishing (hint ... blackmail never hurts!).  And to close up, a fight between a giant spider and a velociraptor!*  Not only that, it's all FREE (although you do have to call ahead and book a seat.)

More details on the Angry Robot blog, and here's a picture of the four of us looking happy and / or scowly at the prospect of all those tricky, tricky questions.

* Not confirmed at time of writing.

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