Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Road to SFX

Just a note to say that I'll be at the SFX Con in Prestatyn this weekend if anyone feels like saying hello, along with a veritable army of Angry Robot authors - Ian Whates, Andy Remic, Adam Christopher, Gav Thorpe, Anne Lyle and Lavie Tidhar.

Actually, the truth is I'll be a little more than just attending.  I have my first ever signing - at five in the afternoon* on the Saturday, along with Ian - and my first ever panel right before that at four, entitled It's not a story it's a map - does Fantasy set worldbuilding over character? Discuss and featuring such folks as Ian (again!), Gaie Sebold, Sam Sykes and China ("holy crap it's China Mieville") Mieville.  So that's - y'know - terrifying.  But in a good way.

A terrifying good way.

Anyway, while I'm here, why not share a bit of Giant Thief news?   It's coming in thick and fast, after all.  Over on the left there is a copy on the "Classic Fantasy and Sci-fi table" at the Waterstones in Cambridge, a dramatic rise to fame that may have had something to do with my friend Bill S. Brennan.  But hey, it serves them right for misfiling me (since when does TA come after TH, eh, Waterstones Cambridge?)

Then there are a couple more reviews up.  Keith West at Adventures Fantastic says that "With his debut novel, David Tallerman has succeeded in doing what few authors have done.  He has written a story ... that made me laugh out loud," and concludes that "Tallerman is not an author with whom I was familiar before reading this book ... I'd be willing to be his name will become more prominent if he writes more books like this one."  Meanwhile, over at Tor.Com, Stefan Raets impressively thorough review winds up with the heart-warming suggestion that "If you’re in the mood for something fast-paced and entertaining, not too challenging but instead light and, well, simply fun, Giant Thief is a great choice."

Lastly, I've done another interview - this one's with Sally Janin from the Qwillery, and covers such controversial topics as Plotting vs Pantsing and my guaranteed-or-your-money-back cure for writer's block.

Right, then.  I may or may not see you at the SFX weekender.  I'll be the one looking as though he's about to wet his best undercrackers at the thought of attending his first panel.

* Not, as Darren Turpin at AR was good enough to point out, six like I originally said.


  1. Impressively thorough. I'm flattered! :)

  2. Stefan ... I'm glad! Looking back, praising someone for being thorough sounds a little like damning praise, but I meant it in the best possible way.