Sunday, 3 July 2011

Black Horticulture Up at Abyss and Apex

Didn't these blog posts used to have imaginative and silly titles?  Oh well.  I suddenly seem to have a lot of stories coming out in a relatively small space of time, (okay, three in as many weeks, if things hold to schedule), and I'm a bear of relatively little brain at the best of times, so let's go with stating simple facts this time around: my story Black Horticulture is now available at top genre webzine Abyss and Apex.

Reading through it again for the final edit, it occurred to me that Black Horticulture was my one great stab at twee fantasy.  Now, I don't mean that in any way as self-criticism; some brilliant work has been done in the field of what I think of as twee fantasy.  I would, for example, lump Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions in there, and that's a completely wonderful novel.  Sometimes tweeness doesn't equal badness.  Sometimes it means charming and perhaps a little innocent and unapologetically fun and exciting.  Those are definitely the qualities I was aiming at with Black Horticulture.

Well, those and lots of crazy, garden-related violence.  Because after all, even Three Hearts had a guy lusting after a were-swan.

Black Horticulture is free to read right now.  But there will come a time, not so distantly in the future, when it will only be available to subscribers.  So if you'd like to read it, you should probably get onto it now, or else subscribe to Abyss and Apex. Or, you know, both.

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