Friday, 25 March 2011

Endangered Weapon Finally Unleashed

First things first: here's the link to to the Myebook page where you can read mine and artist-extraordinaire Bob Molesworth's ten page comic strip Endangered Weapon B - finally, awesomely complete and available to read entirely for free.

It seems like I've been going on for a very, very long time about Endangered Weapon.  Partly, of course, that's because it's taken a very, very long time to make its way out into the world.

I think I originally conceived it some time in 2007.  That initial idea was kind of a parody of giant robot cop anime like Patlabor, only with Pandas piloting the mechs instead of humans.  I still want to write that series one of these days.  But for reasons far beyond the reach of memory, the concept changed - and changed and changed.  It took on a whole cast of characters, each with their own bizarre back stories.  A whole, mad world sprang up around it.  It drifted from one publisher to another, and went through a change of artists along the way.  In short, it's been a hell of a journey to get these ten pages out there.

It couldn't have been more worth it.  Don't believe me?  Take a look.  Bob has turned this madness into a thing of beauty.  For the first (and hopefully last) time, I have a crush on one of my own characters.  Which probably means I'm going to hell or something.  And it's still worth it!

It's fair to say that this is only the beginning for the Endangered Weapon project.  First up, there are a handful of super-rare print issues floating about, containing Endangered Weapon B Issue 0 (as it shall henceforth be known), an exclusive, possibly-never-to-be-available-elsewhere board game, and another strip, Bob and writer Daniel Cox's haunting tale of robot woe The Signal - pictured to the left and also available to read at Myebook.  Meanwhile, we're already hard at work on a full-length issue (or two) and a sampler to start shopping around to potential publishers.

So, hey, with a bit of luck I'll be going on about Endangered Weapon for a fair while longer yet.

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