Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Today the War Ended in OG's Spec Fic

Monday saw the publication of my most prog-rock titled story yet, Today the War Ended, Tonight the Sky Burned, in issue 24 of free e-zine OG's Speculative Fiction.  Wow, what was I thinking?  A title so long that it's completely mucked up the carefully planned formatting on my website!  Still, it does a fairly good job of summing this little tale up, so maybe I shouldn't give it too hard a time.

I seem to remember having already said quite a bit about Today the War Ended.  It's kind of a science-fiction love story, although that shouldn't put anyone off, because there's very little in the way of either science or love to be found.  It's me in thoughtful mood, and definately a bit of an oddity. 

Also, nods of appreciation to Jeff Ward for his fantastic cover.  I seriously recommend taking a few minutes to check out Jeff's site, there's some lovely work on there.

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