Sunday, 28 March 2010

Funland: Week Three

Not much to tell this week; I'm still on target, and even though I'm taking most of Monday off I still have high hopes of hitting 40'000 words by Friday.  I'd say that generally I've enjoyed things this last week more than the last two, I'm starting to shuck off the habits of the day job and write in a pattern that actually suits me.  It's still tough going, but at least I know now that I can do the 2000 a day if I just push myself hard enough.  The biggest problem is still getting going, I worry that my self-discipline is slipping a bit (especially when it comes to getting up in the morning!) and that if it slips too far I may suddenly find myself missing those all-important targets.  So next week's resolution is to get my days back to a more regular pattern, and see if I can't stay away from the internet a little more - well, except for researching obscure facts about American gang culture, that is.

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