Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Variant Frequencies Accept My Survivor Guilt

Lots already happening this month, so much so that I'm going to split it up into a few posts, as and when I have time:

First up, multiple Parsec Award-winning podcasters Variant Frequencies have accepted my post-apocalyptic sci-fi tale Survivor Guilt for adaptation some time next year. Survivor Guilt is another one of my very early stories - so old that the original draft drew heavily on the first Fallout game! - that's been floating around for a long time looking for a comfy doorway to curl up in. That said, the reason I've kept at it is that there were some strong elements worth preserving, and I'd like to think that the trimming of about 3000 words, a change of tense and title and about thirty redrafts have left it tight and polished. I'm very fond of it, it's ideally suited for the podcast medium, and I'm hoping that the kerzillion hours of work I've put into it combined with the efforts of the talented folks at Variant Frequencies will produce something rather special.

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  1. It should be great. We have a fantastic voice lined up for this story. He is know in the podcasting world as TD-0013 of the "A Different Point of View" podcast.