Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Desert Cold reviewed, Barren Worlds TOC up

Responses to The Desert Cold are positive so far, and I was pleased to find the following review:

In “The Desert Cold” by David Tallerman, our nameless narrator tells us about the difference between the desert during the day and the desert during the night. Oddly enough, it is not the heat that can kill you, but the cold. Yet so long as one has water and a good guide they can survive the trek, and our talkative chap has both those items. Yet he is still afraid, and the reason why only becomes clear at the last sentence of the story.


There’s some lovely descriptions in the piece, which really help bring out the scenery. Since we can’t get to know our leading man, we must instead know our leading land. They say that Mother Nature is a bitch, and if that is so then the desert is her quietly creepy nephew lying in wait to steal some poor fool’s life. Not surprising, it’s a bleak tale, and does not shy away from the unhappy ending. I’d have liked for more though, and even though the protagonist admits that he is no philosopher it would’ve been nice for a bit more introspection on the why and how of his chilly findings.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Comments on the rest of the issue can be found here

Also, the final list of contents for the Barren Worlds anthology is up on editor Eric T. Reynolds' Live Journal.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Desert Cold out in Flash Fiction Online

The Desert Cold is now up at Flash Fiction Online.

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