Monday, 19 November 2007

The Willows, Og's Spec Fic, Futurequake

og9image The Willows have accepted another story, this one The Facts in the Case of Algernon Whisper's Karma. Part pastiche of Conan Doyle's Holmes stories, part weird tale, it's one of my stranger efforts and I'm glad it's found a good home.

Also, with another amazingly quick turnaroun
d, OG's Speculative Fiction issue 9 - containing my The Other Ten Thousand - has just come out. Seth's comment, "a dragon makes a terrible mistake," sums it up nicely. Read the issue for free at the above link.

Lastly, I got to see Adrian Bamforth
's finished art for my Futurequake strip Fleshworld a couple of weeks back, and it's absolutely stunning. I also found out that we're going to be the cover story! Still no release date, but I'm guessing start of next year.