Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Life Sentence for Mytholog

Online literary magazine Mytholog have provisionally accepted my story Life Sentence - a flash piece about the trials of being the last two living beings on Earth - for publication in their next issue, due out in Autumn.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Stockholm Syndrome Spreading?

Just to say thanks to whoever recommended my story Stockholm Syndrome for John Joseph Adams's forthcoming zombie story anthology. Much appreciated!

New Skin for the Old Ceremony reviewed

A couple of reviews have come out for New Skin for the Old Ceremony (published in issue #17 of Hub). Firstly, by Yael Artom, from Tangent Online:

"In “New Skin for the Old Ceremony” by David Tallerman, Mark is a sheriff who has just finished his shift. He thought he could have a quiet evening, but the local drunk reports seeing weird lights in the woods. As tired as Mark is, he's a good cop and goes to check, even though he's also a skeptic. And something is in the woods, and it's not human.

“New Skin for the Old Ceremony” takes a mundane situation and makes it increasingly weird with the plot taking an interesting twist in the middle. Tallerman makes the reader examine familiar elements of reality by making them unfamiliar. The effect is powerful: a mixture of eeriness, sarcasm, and anxiety to make you read the last two pages holding your breath."

Secondly, from Shaun Green's review of issues 12 to 18, on his blog:

"For Hub #17 David Tallerman offers us another story with a title more intriguing than itself. It’s a pleasing enough tale of small-town Americana meets alien visitation, with enough inversions and twists to keep the reader amused. It’s slight, but it never pretends to be more than it is, which is a story that is more about human beings than about aliens. The protagonist’s reactions to his discoveries are quite understandable."

Thanks to both Shaun and Yael for their thoughtful and mostly positive comments. Although I should point out that if, like me, you're not a terribly fast reader, it might not be a good idea to read the last two pages while holding your breath as Yael suggests. It's important to support short fiction - but it's important to breath sensibly too.

My Friend Fishfinger, by Daisy, Age 7 arrives by Andromeda Spaceways

A little late, but Issue 30 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is out, and contains my story My Friend Fishfinger, by Daisy, Aged 7. I'll hold off commenting until I've seen a copy, but here's the press release:
The Editor-in-Chief and his trusty sidekick have done it again!
Andromeda Spaceways proudly brings you ISSUE 30!

Edited by Robbie Matthews and Stu Barrow, this issue gives you:
* Really cool cover art!
* Bucketloads of fiction, including work by perennial favourites Dirk
Flinthart, Kevin Maclean, Aliette de Bodard and many others!
* Poetry! Rayguns! Time Travellers! Recipes!
* What more could you want?! (My beloved leader tells me I've now
used up my year's supply of exclamation marks. Wait – one more!)

For more information, and to get your copy, visit

Full Contents:


My Friend Fishfinger, by Daisy, Age 7 . . David Tallerman
Autumn's Country . . Aliette de Bodard
The Fairytale Cookbook . . Amanda Sichter
Fendraaken . . Kevin G. Maclean
Finding Each Other Again . . Kieran Morgan
Hare Redux . . Simon Petrie
Thyme Machine . . Darren Goossens
Collecting Whispers . . Bren MacDibble
Truckers . . Dirk Flinthart


The Reluctant Orc-Maid to her Swain . . Marcie Tentchoff

Special Features

State of the Art: Rayguns! . . Dirk Flinthart
Devoted Husband, Intrepid Time-Traveller . . Stuart Barrow
Seriatem, Seriatum, Omnia Seriatem . . Ian Nichols