Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Ascension of DeepRED in OG's Speculative Fiction

The Ascension of DeepRED, my tale of a world-ruling supercomputer and the one man who chooses to defy it, is now available in issue #15 of OG's Speculative Fiction. The .pdf edition is free to download, and the print edition will follow shortly.

Also today I received the extremely good news that long-running science-fiction magazine Space and Time
will be publishing my story In the Service of the Guns. It's a tale that I'm tremendously proud of in a magazine I'm very glad to be associated with, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Things Aren't What They Seem, Stockholm Syndrome Review

A couple of bits of news from the end of last month that didn't get posted due to lack of time:

First up, Kate Sanger - editor of From the Asylum, which published my story King Gob's Warcry last year - has accepted New Skin for the Old Ceremony for her fothcoming anthology. The pitch for the antho, currently titled "Things Aren't What They Seem", is as follows:

"In the grand tradition of SF, we are looking for stories about aliens among us. They can be trying to fit in, take over, or steal away the promotion that you deserve. Does your neighbor drink an awful lot of milk? That guy at work not seem right? Who are they? What are they doing here?"

Anyone who caught New Skin first time around in Hub will know that it should fit in pretty well.

Secondly - amongst the many positive reviews The Living Dead has been pulling down, pop-culture website Mania picks out Stockholm Syndrome for special note, describing it as "One of the best stories dealing with the traditional zombie theme of stragglers trying to survive a zombie apocalypse". You can read the full review here.